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Examples of UI Testing with Espresso, Mockk, androidx.test

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UI Testing for Beginners

UI Testing for Beginners

Watch the video course here (FREE): UI Testing for Beginners

Espresso Samples:

Activities in Isolation

  1. ActivityScenario vs ActivityScenarioRule
  2. Matching with text in view

Activity Navigation

  1. Basic activity navigation testing

Test Suites

  1. Creating test suites to run multiple test classes at once

Fragments in Isolation (simple)

  1. Simple use case testing the fragments and their behavior with no dependencies

Fragments in Isolation (with Mockk & FragmentFactory Dependencies)

  1. Testing kotlin final classes (making them open for testing)
  2. More complex tests and why dependency injection is recommended
  3. Providing dependencies with a FragmentFactory

Fragments Navigation

  1. Ensuring correct fragment is in view after any particular action is taken.

Intents (image from gallery)

  1. Selecting an image from android device gallery and confirming the correct one is received by onActivityResult
  2. IntentsTestRule
  3. Custom Image Matcher

Intents (image from camera)

  1. Taking a new image with camera and confirming the correct one is received by onActivityResult
  2. IntentsTestRule
  3. Custom Image Matcher

Dialog (detecting if visible)

  1. Material Dialogs
  2. Showing a dialog and confirming it is in view
  3. Dismissing a dialog and confirming it is out of view

Dialog (capture input)

  1. Material Dialogs
  2. Capturing input from dialog and passing to fragment

Toasts (custom Toast Matcher)

  1. Confirming a toast is showing using a Custom Toast Matcher


  1. Confirming correct data in RecyclerView
  2. Clicking list items
  3. Navigating to different fragments when list item is clicked
  4. Back navigation testing

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