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Minimal BusyBox Docker container

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A minimal, busybox-like container based on Alpine Linux, that contains apk package manager to ease installation of extra packages and help you build smaller development containers.

This is possible thanks to the work from uggedal on packaging Alpine Linux for Docker.

This project is now build on top of official Alpine Linux image, only including some convenience packages and scripts on top.


Use this as base for your own containers:

FROM mini/base
RUN apk-install 

CMD ["/bin/sh"]

And install or extend with packages as you please.

You can find a list of packages you can install on Alpine Linux Packages section.

Included packages

To get you started, a set of packages have been integrated:

  • curl
  • wget
  • ca-certificates

Without those, installation of remote packages over HTTPS connections was not possible.


Work on this was made possible thanks to AREA 17.


All the code contained in this repository, unless explicitly stated, is licensed under ISC license.

A copy of the license can be found inside the LICENSE file.

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