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MMDetection-annotations have been update to latest version 1.0. I'll continue updating but may not chase after upgrades for latest version.



Refer to the execllent implemention here: ,and thanks to author Kai Chen. Open-mmlab project , which contains various models and implementions of latest papers , achieves great results in detection/segmentataion tasks , and is kind enough for rookies in CV field.

Getting started

More information about installation or pre-train model downloads , pls refer to officia mmdetection or blog here * Test on images You can test on Faster RCNN demo by running the script
. I have just rewritten the demo file to detect on single image or a folder as follow: ``` import os from mmdet.apis import initdetector, inferencedetector, show_result

if name == 'main': configfile = 'configs/' checkpointfile = 'weights/fasterrcnnr50fpn1x20181010-3d1b3351.pth' # checkpointfile = 'tools/workdirs/maskrcnnr101fpn1x/epoch1200.pth' imgpath = '/home/bit/下载/n07753592' model = initdetector(configfile, checkpointfile, device='cuda:0') # print(model) # 输入可以为文件夹或者图片 if os.path.isdir(imgpath): imgs= os.listdir(imgpath) for i in range(len(imgs)): imgs[i]=os.path.join(imgpath,imgs[i]) for i, result in enumerate(inferencedetector(model, imgs)): # 支持可迭代输入imgs print(i, imgs[i]) showresult(imgs[i], result, model.CLASSES, outfile='output/result_{}.jpg'.format(i))

elif os.path.isfile(img_path):
    result = inference_detector(model, img_path)
    show_result(img_path, result, model.CLASSES)
* **Debug**  
You can debug by setting breakpoint with method of adding `ipdb.set_trace()`.Before that , make sure of the success installment and import of **ipdb** package.
* **Hook**  
If you want to inspect on intermediate variables , `` can be a provision served as a reference for your work.
## Annotations
Annotations are attached everywhere in the code(surely only the part I have read , and the not finished part will be completed as soon as possible). Beside , `annotation` folder contains some interpreting documents as well.  
* **Dataset Example**   
Provide a simple small sample data set for testing (segmentation && detection) .More details referrd to instruction [here](

  • CUDA related code
    I've delete files in folder mmdet/ops cause no annotations attached inside.However it's a good news that specific notes are made about RoIAlign here .

  • Model visualization
    Take Mask-RCNN for example , the model can be visualized as follow:(more details refere to model-structure-png)

  • notes

  • Configuration
    Explicit describtion on config file , take Mask RCNN for example , refer to

    Specification of mmcv lib and a partial of mmdet(more details about various models will be updated later ).

Detection Results

Test on Mask RCNN model:



  • You can just use COCO dataset , refer here.
  • If you want to train on your customed dataset labeled by labelme , you need first convert json files to COCO style , this toolbox may help you ;
  • If you want to train on your customed dataset labeled by labelImg , you need first convert xml files to COCO style , this toolbox may also help you .
  • I have tested on these tools recently to make sure them still work well, if questiones still arised , desrcibe on issue please or contact me , thanks.

learning rate

Remember to set lr in config file according to your own GPU_NUM !!!!(eg.1/8 of default lr for 1 GPU)

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