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[Deprecated] A CakePHP plugin for file uploading and validating.

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Uploader v4.6.1

A CakePHP plugin that will validate and upload files through the model layer. Provides support for image transformation and remote storage transportation.


  • PHP 5.3.3
    • Fileinfo
    • Multibyte
    • Curl
  • CakePHP 2
  • Composer


  • v2.x - CakePHP 1.3, PHP 5.2
  • v3.x - CakePHP 2, PHP 5.2
  • v4.x - CakePHP 2, PHP 5.3, Composer


  • Upload files automatically through Model::save() by using the AttachmentBehavior
  • Validate files automatically through Model::save() by using the FileValidationBehavior
  • Extensive list of validation rules: size, ext, type, height, width, etc
  • Transform the uploaded image or create new images: crop, scale, rotate, flip, etc
  • Automatic file deletion when a database record is deleted or updated
  • Supports transporting files to remote storage systems like AWS


Thorough documentation can be found here:

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