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Cross Platform UI Kit powered by Blink/V8/Chromium Content Lib

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ALERT - Breaking Changes. Please See Examples, and Tutorial Files, however Tutorial Readmes have not yet been updated.. Basic Breakdown is, alot of intializers are now wrapped in the

package. i.e. window.NewWindow is now thrust.NewWindow. Import Paths have changed, please see the lib/ folder.

Cross Platform UI Kit powered by Blink/V8/Chromium Content Lib

Current Thrust Version 0.7.5

# Fetch go-thrust (lib and command)
go get -v

Install Thrust

go-thrust install

Logo Thrust Official GoLang Thrust Client for Thrust (

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irc: #breach on freenode - this is the entire breach/thrust community : - focused on go-thrust. Gitter


Michael Hernandez (miketheprogrammer)[email protected]

Francis Bouvier [email protected]





Quick Start, see it in action

On Linux/Darwin

Start Go Thrust using source and GoLang runtime

go run tutorials/basic_window/basic_window.go

For Single Binary Install please use the tutorial ```bash cd tutorials/advancedsinglebinarydistribution mkdir vendor cd vendor wget cd .. go-bindata -pkg provisioner -o provisioner/vendor.go vendor/ go run advancedsinglebinarydistribution.go

Go-Thrust is a cross platform GUI Application development base. It aims to provide the
essentials to create a cross platform application using web technologies such as, (HTML,CSS,JS),
as well as new technologies like Websockets, Webview, etcetera. Go-Thrust is the supported Go Library for accessing the underlying technology Thrust. Thrust builds upon the efforts of predecessors like ExoBrowser, Node-Webkit, and Atom-Shell to create an easily buildable Webbrowser base. Thrust consists essentially of a C/C++ implementation of the Chromium Content Library (Blink/V8) and abstracts away most of the nitty gritty platform specific implementations.

While Go Thrust and Thrust are in their infancy, they already provide some pretty nice features. Expect many more to come.

Thrust exposes all of this beautifully over an Stdin/Stdout pipe speaking a JSONRPC protocol.

DOCUMENTATION (Docs and Tutorials)

Current Platform Specific Cases:

Currently Darwin handles Application Menus different from other systems. The "Root" menu is always named the project name. However on linux, the name is whatever you provide. This can be seen in demo.go, and can be alleviated by trying to use the same name, or by using different logic for both cases. I make no attempt to unify it at the library level, because the user deserves the freedom to do this themselves.

This thrust client exposes enough Methods to be fairly forwards compatible even without adding new helper methods. The beauty of working with a stable JSON RPC Protocol is that most methods are just helpers around build that data structure.

Helper methods receive the UpperCamelCase version of their relative names in Thrust.

i.e. insert_item_at == InsertItemAt

Please note that the intended use case of Application Menus is to only support OSX and Unity/X11 global menu bars. This means that you should implement most menus in html and javascript, using IPC/RPC to communicate with the host application. The side effect is primarily that Windows, and certain unix/linux systems will not load ApplicationMenus

Using Go-Thrust as a Library and bundling your final release

To use go-thrust as a library, simple use the code in the same way you would use any GoLang library.

  • More info to come on Prepping releases.

Current Platform Targets

Linux(x64), Darwin(x64), Windows(ia32). - These targets depend on Thrust Core, obviously the go library will run on any target, but the core may not.

Unfortunately because Thrust is built around C and Go its not exactly portable to Android and IOS, this may be possible in the future, but not yet. However, since we are primarily building a web app, we may be able to do something at a later time. For instance, there is work being done on allowing java to run go libraries. This would allow us to hopefully covert our application menus, to maybe just an html menu at the top, and just serve the page, instead of using Thrust. Thats all for the future however, for now, enjoy CPD for Linux,Darwin,Windows.

The Future of Go-Thrust

Any user of Go-Thrust should feel free to contribute ideas, code, anything that can help move this project in the right direction. The ideal goal is to stay as much out of the way, but still provide a useful system.

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