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A fresher, less annoying interface to YouTube.

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Toogles: Awesome Goggles for YouTube

Toogles is a super fast and super clean alternative interface for YouTube. It's built for people who want to watch and browse and search without the bulk that comes along with

Toogles is built on top of Angular.js (no jQuery) and Zurb Foundation.

Contributing (it's only 5 commands!)

Toogles is a single page JS app with no back end, so it's incredibly easy to set up locally.

git clone 
npm install 
bower install
grunt serve

That last command will start a lightweight server and open your browser to the URL for testing and development. It uses LiveReload internally so all code changes should automatically refresh, and it also will watch your .scss files to compile to CSS on the fly.

Note that known working versions are:

⇒ node --version
⇒ npm --version

If anyone would like to upgrade things to work with latest versions, that would be fabulous.

Feel free to hack on it to fix any bugs you find or add any features you'd like and send them in as a pull request. I'll add you to the contributors section!


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