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Bi-directional RPC through any stream.

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znode is a remote method execution library for Node.js and the browser.

  • Bi-directional RPC over any stream (WebRTC, WebSockets, TCP, etc)
  • Supports binary types natively without serializing to strings. [1]
  • Simple API using async await.
  • Supports RPC methods returning additional RPC methods.

[1] Underlying implementation uses msgpack5. Performance is optimized for binary type usage (JSON would be faster for cases other than binary types).

Full Usage

const RPC = {
  /* basic method support */
  ping: () => 'pong',
  /* async methods work identicaly to sync methods */
  ping2: async () => 'pong2',
  /* supports binary types */
  pingBuffer: () => Buffer.from('pong'),
  /* you can also add static properties */
  API: 'v1'

net.createServer(async socket => { let remote = await znode(socket, RPC)

let concater = await remote.createConcat('pre-') console.log(await concater.concat('post')) // priv-pre-post }) .listen(async () => {

const dynamicRPC = { createConcat: str => { let _private = 'priv-' return {concat: _str => _private + str + _str} } }

let socket = net.connect(port) let remote = await znode(socket, dynamicRPC) console.log(await remote.ping()) // pong console.log(await remote.ping2()) // pong2 console.log(await remote.pingBuffer()) // console.log(remote.API) // v1 })

RPC methods can return anything that can be serialized by msgpack5. RPC methods can also return objects with additional methods that will be turned into additional remote methods.

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