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HTML Element that renders markdown content.

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Markdown Element

HTML Element for markdown content.


    ## h2

* test
  * test2

let x = 'asdf'

class Text {
  constructor() {



The following element properties can be used to change the render settings. They can be set either from JavaScript or from HTML.

  • noGFM: Disables GitHub flavored markdown (GFM).
  • noTables: Disables GFM tables. This has no effect if
    is true.
  • breaks: Enable GFM line breaks. This has no effect if
    is true.
  • noHighlight: Disables syntax highlighting.
  • pedantic: Conform to obscure parts of as much as possible. Don't fix any of the original markdown bugs or poor behavior.
  • noSmartLists: Disable smarter list behavior than the original markdown. May eventually be default with the old behavior moved into pedantic.
  • smartyPants: Use "smart" typographic punctuation for things like quotes and dashes.


    # h1

* test
let marked = document.createElement('mark-down')
marked.noGFM = true
marked.smartyPants = true


The rendered markdown is placed in a



  • test


If you want to build the component into the JavaScript bundle of your app you can do so easily, but you'll need to handle loading a WebComponents polyfill on your own.

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