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Visual Studio Code Language Packs

This repository contains all of the localized Language Pack extensions for Visual Studio Code. A Language Pack contains the localized string resources for a particular language.

Localized resource files are managed in Microsoft Localization Community Platform (MLCP).

There are 9 "Core" languages for Visual Studio Code and, currently, 5 additional community driven languages:

|Language|Visual Studio Code Language ID|MLCP Language Code|Type| |--------|--------|--------|--------| |French|fr|French (fr-fr)|Core |Italian|it|Italian (it-it)|Core |German|de|German (de-de)|Core |Spanish|es|Spanish (es-es)|Core |Russian|ru|Russian (ru-ru)|Core |Chinese (Simplified)|zh-cn|Chinese Simplified (zh-cn) |Core |Chinese (Traditional)|zh-tw|Chinese Traditional (zh-tw) |Core |Japanese|ja|Japanese (ja-jp)|Core |Korean|ko|Korean (ko-kr)|Core |Bulgarian|bg|Bulgarian (bg-bg)|Community |English (United Kingdom)|en-GB|English (en-gb)|Community |Hungarian|hu|Hungarian (hu-hu)|Community |Portuguese (Brazil)|pt-br|Portuguese (Brazil) (pt-br) |Community |Turkish|tr|Turkish (tr-tr)|Community

Language pack extensions are published to the Visual Studio Code Marketplace

Contributing Translations

Visual Studio Code translations are done in the Visual Studio Code Project in MLCP. MLCP is the single source of "truth", therefore any changes need to be made there. This repository is for building the language pack extensions.

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