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🐾 A web-based tool for logging, visualizing and analyzing mouse events like movement and clicks.

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Mouselog 🐾

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Mouselog is a web-based platform for website owners to log, visualize and analyze user behaviors like mouse trace data.

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Mouselog contains 3 parts:


Description Language Source code Release
Client-side Agent Mouselog client-side agent that runs on end-user's browser to send mouse trace data to Mouselog server-side Javascript N/A (Closed-source)
Server-frontend Web frontend UI for Mouselog server-side Javascript + React + Ant Design N/A
Server-backend RESTful API backend for Mouselog server-side Golang + Beego + MySQL N/A


Client-side Agent


The client-side agent is not open-source anymore. The latest release on NPM is



  • Get the code:
go get
  • Prepare a Xorm ORM supported database (MySQL is recommended), replace

    root:[email protected](localhost:3306)/
    in conf/app.conf with your own connection string. Mouselog will create a database named
    and necessary tables in it if not exist. All Xorm supported databases are listed here.
  • Run Server-backend (in port 9000):

go run main.go
  • Run Server-frontend (in the same machine's port 4000):
cd web
npm install
npm start
  • Open browser:



This project is licensed under the MIT license.

If you have any issues or feature requests, please contact us. PR is welcomed. -

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