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Kubernetes-optimized version of the SmartHotel360 backend services

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This project is retired, archived, and no longer supported. You are welcome to continue to use and fork the repository.

For the latest sample references visit: &


During Connect(); 2017 event this year we presented beautiful app demos using Xamarin and many features of Azure. For //build/ 2018's keynote, we updated some components of the back-end API code to support Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

SmartHotel360 Repos

For this reference app scenario, we built several consumer and line-of-business apps and an Azure backend. You can find all SmartHotel360 repos in the following locations:

SmartHotel360 - Backend Services

Welcome to the SmartHotel360 AKS repository. Here you'll find everything you need to run the backend services locally and/or deploy them in a AKS cluster.

Getting Started

SmartHotel360 uses a microservice oriented architecture implemented using containers. There are various services developed in different technologies: .NET Core 2, Java, and Node.js. These services use different data stores like PostgreSQL and SQL Server.

We have added an ARM template so you can automate the creation of the resources

Deploy to Azure

  1. Demo Setup - Create the Azure resources and demo environment setup, and deploy the SmartHotel360 services to the AKS Cluster.


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