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The collected works of Per Martin-Löf

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| Title | Date | |:------|:----:| |Definition of Random Sequences| 1966 | |Algorithms and randomness | 1969 | |Notes on constructive mathematics (Almqvist & Wiksell)| 1970 | |A theory of types (Preprint, Stockholm University)| 1971 | |Hauptsatz for the intuitionistic theory of iterated inductive definitions| 1971 | |Complexity Oscillations in Infinite Binary Sequences | 1971 | |Infinite terms and a system of natural deduction| 1972 | |An Intuitionistic Theory of Types| 1972 | |The Notion of Redundancy and Its Use as a Quantitative Measure of the Discrepancy between a Statistical Hypothesis and a Set of Observational Data | 1974 | |An Intuitionistic Theory of Types: Predicative Part (Proceedings of the logic colloquium Bristol, July 1973) | 1975 | |About Models for Intuitionistic Type Theories and the notion of Definitional Equality| 1975 | |Syntax and semantics of the language of primitive recursive functions (Preprint written with Peter Hancock)| 1975 | |Reply to Sverdrups Polemical Article Tests without Power| 1975 | |A note to Michael Dummett| 1976 | |Exact tests, confidence regions and estimates | 1977 | |Constructive mathematics and computer programming (Tech report)| 1979 | |Constructive mathematics and computer programming (Version 2) (Tech report)| 1979 | |Constructive mathematics and computer programming| 1982 | |On the Meanings of the Logical Constants and the Justification of Logical Laws| 1983 | |Notes on The Domain Interpretation of Type Theory| 1983 | |Intuitionistic Type Theory (Bibliopolis Book, notes by Giovanni Sambin of a series of lectures given in Padua, June 1980) (Re-typeset and searchable version)| 1984 | |The logic of Judgements | 1987 | |Truth of a Proposition, Evidence of a Judgment, Validity of a Proof| 1987 | |Philosophical implications of type theory (Lectures given at the Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia, Universitá degli Studi di Firenze, Florence, March 15th - May 15th, Privately circulated notes)| 1987 | |Mathematics of Infinity| 1990 | |A path from logic to metaphysics (typescript) | 1990 | |A path from logic to metaphysics | 1991 | |Substitution calculus (Notes from a lecture given in Göteborg)| 1992 | |Analytic and Synthetic Judgements in Type Theory| 1994 | |Truth and Knowability: On the Principles C and K of Michael Dummett| 1998 | |Hilbert Brouwer Controversy Resolved?| 2008 | |Are the objects of propositional attitudes propositions in the sense of propositional and predicate logic? | 2003 | |Normalization by Evaluation and by the Method of Computability (Talk at JAIST, Kanazawa) | 2004 | |One hundred years of Zermelo's axiom of choice. What was the problem with it?| 2009 | |Verificationism Then and Now| 2013 | |Making sense of normalization by evaluation (Talk given at a workshop on Type theory and formalization of mathematics in Gothenburg, December 11th) | 2014 |

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