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In-process mediator with low-friction API

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ShortBus is an in-process mediator with low-friction API


public class DoSomething : ICommand { }

public class DoesSomething : ICommandHandler { public void Handle(DoSomething command) { // does something } }

_mediator.Send(new DoSomething());


public class AskAQuestion : IQuery { }

public class Answerer : IQueryHandler { public Answer Handle(AskAQuestion query) {
return answer; } }

var answer = _mediator.Request(new AskAQuestion());

IOC Containers

ShortBus currently supports 6 IOC containers

  • AutoFac
  • Ninject
  • Simple Injector
  • Structure Map
  • Unity
  • Windsor

Example configuration of registering handlers using StructureMap:

ObjectFactory.Initialize(i => i.Scan(s =>
    s.AddAllTypesOf(typeof (IQueryHandler));
    s.AddAllTypesOf(typeof (ICommandHandler<>));

Low-friction API

No type parameter noise.

What for?

  • Query objects
  • Enables subcutaneous testing
  • Business concepts as first class citizens

In Production

ShortBus is in production powering the server APIs for major ecommerce applications.

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