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Clojure(Script) tools for clojure.spec

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Clojure/Script utilities on top of clojure.spec. Bundled in one project but features in separate namespaces.

Posts: * Spec Transformers * Clojure.spec with Ring (& Swagger) * Clojure.spec as a Runtime Transformation Engine * Schema & Clojure Spec for the Web Developer

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Clojars Project

Requires Java 1.8, tested with Clojure

and ClojureScript

Status: Alpha (as spec is still alpha too).


Copyright © Metosin Oy and contributors. Distributed under the Eclipse Public License 2.0, see


Picture, Noveau Larousse Ilustré (Larousse XIXs. 1866-1877). Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

The spell-spec library, Copyright © 2018 Bruce Hauman, is distributed under the Eclipse Public License as well.

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