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:art: A k-means color scheme generator.

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|Sample Usage|

A k-means color scheme generator.



pip install colorz

or just move
to somewhere in your
. If you do the latter, you must install the dependencies in the following section manually.

Arch Linux:


git clone cd colorz makepkg -si


  • Python (2 or 3)
  • Pillow
  • scipy



usage: colorz [-h] [-n NUM_COLORS] [--minv MINV] [--maxv MAXV] [--bold BOLD] [--font-size FONT_SIZE] [--bg-color BG_COLOR] [--no-bg-img] [--no-preview] image

A color scheme generator. Takes an image (local or online) and grabs the most dominant colors using kmeans. Also creates bold colors by adding value to the dominant colors. Finally, outputs the colors to stdout (one normal and one bold per line, space delimited) and generates an HTML preview of the color scheme.

positional arguments: image the image file or url to generate from.

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -n NUMCOLORS number of colors to generate (excluding bold). Default: 6 --minv MINV minimum value for the colors. Default: 170 --maxv MAXV maximum value for the colors. Default: 200 --bold BOLD how much value to add for bold colors. Default: 50 --font-size FONTSIZE what font size to use, in rem. Default: 1 --bg-color BG_COLOR what background color to use, in hex format. Default: #272727 --no-bg-img whether or not to use a background image in the preview. Default: background image on --no-preview whether or not to generate and show the preview. Default: preview on

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.. |Sample Usage| image:: :target: colorz.png :alt: Color preview.

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