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100% compliant, self-hosted javascript parser with high focus on both performance and stability. Stable and already used in production.

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  • Conforms to the standard ECMAScript® 2020 (ECMA-262 10th Edition) language specification
  • Support TC39 proposals via option
  • Support for additional ECMAScript features for Web Browsers
  • JSX support via option
  • Optionally track syntactic node locations
  • Emits an ESTree-compatible abstract syntax tree.
  • No backtracking
  • Low memory usage
  • Very well tested (~99 000 unit tests with full code coverage)
  • Lightweight - ~90 KB minified

ESNext features

Note: These features need to be enabled with the



npm install meriyah --save-dev


Meriyah generates

according to ESTree AST format, and can be used to perform syntactic analysis (parsing) of a JavaScript program, and with
and later a JavaScript program can be either a script or a module.


method exposed by meriyah takes an optional
object which allows you to specify whether to parse in
mode (the default) or in

This is the available options:

  // The flag to allow module code
  module: false;

// The flag to enable stage 3 support (ESNext) next: false;

// The flag to enable start, end offsets and range: [start, end] to each node ranges: false;

// Enable web compability webcompat: false;

// The flag to enable line/column location information to each node loc: false;

// The flag to attach raw property to each literal and identifier node raw: false;

// Enabled directives directives: false;

// The flag to allow return in the global scope globalReturn: false;

// The flag to enable implied strict mode impliedStrict: false;

// Allows comment extraction. Accepts either a function or array onComment: []

// Allows token extraction. Accepts either a function or array onToken: []

// Enable non-standard parenthesized expression node preserveParens: false;

// Enable lexical binding and scope tracking lexical: false;

// Adds a source attribute in every node’s loc object when the locations option is true source: false;

// Distinguish Identifier from IdentifierPattern identifierPattern: false;

// Enable React JSX parsing jsx: false

// Allow edge cases that deviate from the spec specDeviation: false }

Example usage:

import { parseScript } from './meriyah';

parseScript('({x: [y] = 0} = 1)');

This will return when serialized in json:

    type: "Program",
    sourceType: "script",
    body: [
            type: "ExpressionStatement",
            expression: {
                type: "AssignmentExpression",
                left: {
                    type: "ObjectPattern",
                    properties: [
                            type: "Property",
                            key: {
                                type: "Identifier",
                                name: "x"
                            value: {
                                type: "AssignmentPattern",
                                left: {
                                    type: "ArrayPattern",
                                    elements: [
                                            "type": "Identifier",
                                            "name": "y"
                                right: {
                                    type: "Literal",
                                    value: 0
                            kind: "init",
                            computed: false,
                            method: false,
                            shorthand: false
                operator: "=",
                right: {
                    type: "Literal",
                    value: 1

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