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IROS2018 SLAM papers (ref from PaoPaoRobot)

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IROS2018 SLAM Collections


This repository contains SLAM papers from IROS2018. Thanks for the efforts from PaoPaoRobot




Visual Inertial Odometry

  1. A Tutorial on Quantitative Trajectory Evaluation for Visual(-Inertial) Odometry, Zichao Zhang, Davide Scaramuzza [pdf] [code]
  2. Challenges in Monocular Visual Odometry Photometric Calibration, Motion Bias and Rolling Shutter Effect, Nan Yang , Rui Wang, Xiang Gao, and Daniel Cremers [pdf]
  3. CVI-SLAM – Collaborative Visual-Inertial SLAM, Marco Karrer, Patrik Schmuck, Margarita Chli [pdf]
  4. Embedding Temporally Consistent Depth Recovery for Real-time Dense Mapping in Visual-inertial Odometry, Hui Cheng, Zhuoqi Zheng, Jinhao He, Chongyu Chen, Keze Wang, and Liang Lin
  5. Hybrid Contact Preintegration for Visual-Inertial-Contact State Estimation Using Factor Graphs, Ross Hartley, Maani Ghaffari Jadidi, Lu Gan, Jiunn-Kai Huang, Jessy W. Grizzle, and Ryan M. Eustice [pdf] [video]
  6. Information Sparsification in Visual-Inertial Odometry, Jerry Hsiung, Ming Hsiao, Eric Westman, Rafael Valencia, and Michael Kaess [pdf]
  7. Key-Frame Strategy During Fast Image-Scale Changes and Zero Motion in VIO Without Persistent Features, Eren Allak, Alexander Hardt-Stremayr, and Stephan Weiss
  8. On the Comparison of Gauge Freedom Handling in Optimization-based Visual-Inertial State Estimation, Zichao Zhang, Guillermo Gallego, Davide Scaramuzza [pdf]
  9. Online Temporal Calibration for Monocular Visual-Inertial Systems, Tong Qin and Shaojie Shen [pdf] [code]
  10. Real-Time Fully Incremental Scene Understanding on Mobile Platforms, Johanna Wald, Keisuke Tateno, Jurgen Sturm, Nassir Navab, and Federico Tombari [pdf] [project]
  11. The TUM VI Benchmark for Evaluating Visual-Inertial Odometry, David Schubert, Thore Goll, Nikolaus Demmel, Vladyslav Usenko, Jorg Stuckler and Daniel Cremers [pdf] [dataset]
  12. Trifo-VIO: Robust and Efficient Stereo Visual Inertial Odometry using Points and Lines, Feng Zheng, Grace Tsai, Zhe Zhang, Shaoshan Liu, Chen-Chi Chu, and Hongbing Hu [pdf] [dataset]
  13. π-SoC Heterogeneous SoC Architecture for Visual Inertial SLAM Applications, Jie Tang, Bo Yu, Shaoshan Liu, Zhe Zhang, Weikang Fang, and Yanjun Zhang
  14. Robocentric Visual-Inertial Odometry, Zheng Huai, Guoquan Huang [pdf]
  15. Robust Visual-Inertial State Estimation with Multiple Odometries and Efficient Mapping on an MAV with Ultra-Wide FOV Stereo Vision, M. G. Müller, F. Steidle, M. J. Schuster, P. Lutz, M. Maier, S. Stoneman, T. Tomic, W. Stürzl
  16. Unscented Kalman Filter on Lie Groups for Visual_Inertial Odometry, Martin Brossard, Silvere Bonnabel, Axel Barrau [pdf]

RGBD Camera

  1. Perception Based Locomotion System for a Humanoid Robot with Adaptive Footstep Compensation under Task Constraints, Iori Kumagai, Mitsuharu Morisawa, Shin’ichiro Nakaoka, Takeshi Sakaguchi, Hiroshi Kaminaga, Kenji Kaneko, Fumio Kanehiro
  2. Real-time 3D Reconstruction Using a Combination of Point-based and Volumetric Fusion , Maik Keller, Damien Lefloch, Martin Lambers, Shahram Izadi, Tim Weyrich, Andreas Kolb [pdf]
  3. Edge-based Robust RGB-D Visual Odometry_Using 2-D Edge Divergence Minimization, Changhyeon Kim, Pyojin Kim, Sangil Lee and H. Jin Kim


  1. A Maximum Likelihood Approach to Extract Polylines from 2-D Laser Range Scans, Alexander Schaefer, Daniel Buscher, Lukas Luft, Wolfram Burgard [pdf] [code]
  2. A robust pose graph approach for city scale LiDAR mapping, Sheng Yang, Xiaoling Zhu, Xing Nian, Lu Feng, Xiaozhi Qu and Teng Ma
  3. Dynamic Scaling Factors of Covariances for Accurate 3D Normal Distributions Transform Registration , Hyunki Hong and B. H. Lee
  4. Integrating Deep Semantic Segmentation into 3D Point Cloud Registration Anestis Zaganidis, Li Sun, Tom Duckett, Grzegorz Cielniak [pdf]
  5. LIMO Lidar-Monocular Visual Odometry, Johannes Graeter, Alexander Wilczynski and Martin Lauer [pdf] [code]
  6. LIPS LiDAR-Inertial 3D Plane SLAM, Patrick Geneva, Kevin Eckenhoff, Yulin Yang and Guoquan Huang [pdf] [code]
  7. PoseMap Lifelong, Multi-Environment 3D LiDAR Localization, Philipp Egger, Paulo V K Borges, Gavin Catt, Andreas Pfrunder, Roland Siegwart, Renaud Dubé [pdf] [video1] [video2]
  8. Stabilize an Unsupervised Feature Learning for LiDAR-based Place Recognition, Peng Yin, Lingyun Xu, Zhe Liu, Lu Li, Hadi Salman, Yuqing He, Weiliang Xu, Hesheng Wang and Howie Choset
  9. Stereo Camera Localization in 3D LiDAR Maps, Youngji Kim, Jinyong Jeong and Ayoung Kim [video]
  10. LeGO-LOAM_ Lightweight and Ground-Optimized_Lidar Odometry and Mapping on Variable Terrain, Tixiao Shan and Brendan Englot [pdf] [code] [video]
  11. LiDAR and Camera Calibration using Motions Estimated by Sensor_Fusion Odometry, Ryoichi Ishikawa, Takeshi Oishi and Katsushi Ikeuchi [pdf]
  12. Scan Context: Egocentric Spatial Descriptor for Place Recognition within 3D Point Cloud Map, Giseop Kim and Ayoung Kim

Event Camera

  1. AsynchronousCornerDetectionandTrackingforEventCamerasinReal-Time, Ignacio Alzugaray and Margarita Chli [pdf] [video]


  1. A B-spline Mapping Framework for Long-Term Autonomous Operations, Rômulo T. Rodrigues, A. Pedro Aguiar and António Pascoal [video]
  2. C-blox A Scalable and Consistent TSDF-based Dense Mapping Approach, Alexander Millane, Zachary Taylor, Helen Oleynikova, Juan Nieto, Roland Siegwart, César Cadena [pdf] [code]
  3. Efficient Long-term Mapping in Dynamic Environments, Marı́a T. Lázaro, Roberto Capobianco and Giorgio Grisetti [code]
  4. HMAPs – Hybrid Height-Voxel Maps for Environment Representation, Luı́s Garrote, Cristiano Premebida, David Silva, Urbano J. Nunes
  5. Human-in-the-loop Augmented Mapping, Abbas Sidaoui, Imad H. Elhajj, and Daniel Asmar
  6. Structured Skip List A Compact Data Structure for 3D Reconstruction, Shi-Jie Li, Ming-Ming Cheng, Yun Liu, Shao-Ping Lu, YaHui Wang, Victor Adrian Prisacariu [pdf]

SLAM System

  1. ArthroSLAM: multi-sensor robust visual localization for minimally invasive orthopedic surgery, Andres Marmol, Peter Corke, Thierry Peynot
  2. DynaSLAM Tracking, Mapping and Inpainting in Dynamic Scenes, Berta Bescos, José M. Fácil, Javier Civera and José Neira [pdf] [video]
  3. Improving Repeatability of Experiments by Automatic Evaluation of SLAM Algorithms, Francesco Amigoni, Valerio Castelli, and Matteo Luperto [code]
  4. Indoor Mapping and Localization for Pedestrians using Opportunistic Sensing with Smartphones, Qing Liang, Lujia Wang, Youfu Li and Ming Liu [video]
  5. MIS-SLAM Real-time Large Scale Dense Deformable SLAM System in Minimal Invasive Surgery Based on Heterogeneous Computing, Jingwei Song, Jun Wang, Liang Zhao, Shoudong Huang and Gamini Dissanayake [pdf]
  6. Omnidirectional DSO Direct Sparse Odometry with Fisheye Cameras, Hidenobu Matsuki, Lukas von Stumberg, Vladyslav Usenko, Jörg Stückler and Daniel Cremers [pdf] [video]
  7. OpenSeqSLAM2.0 An Open Source Toolbox for Visual Place Recognition Under Changing Conditions, Ben Talbot, Sourav Garg, and Michael Milford [pdf] [code]
  8. Probabilistic Dense Reconstruction from a Moving Camera, Yonggen Ling, Kaixuan Wang and Shaojie Shen [code] [video]
  9. Robust Long-Term Registration of UAV Images of Crop Fields for Precision Agriculture, Nived Chebrolu Thomas Läbe and Cyrill Stachniss [pdf]
  10. Semi-Supervised SLAM Leveraging Low-Cost Sensors on Underground Autonomous Vehicles for Position Tracking, Adam Jacobson, Fan Zeng, David Smith, Nigel Boswell, Thierry Peynot and Michael Milford
  11. Towards Robust Visual Odometry with a Multi-Camera System, Peidong Liu, Marcel Geppert, Lionel Heng, Torsten Sattler, Andreas Geiger and Marc Pollefeys [pdf] [code]
  12. Fast Cylinder and Plane Extraction from Depth Cameras for Visual_Odometry, Pedro F. Proença and Yang Gao [pdf] [code] [video]
  13. Geometric-based Line Segment Tracking for HDR Stereo Sequences, Ruben Gomez-Ojeda, Javier Gonzalez-Jimenez [pdf] [code]
  14. Multimotion Visual Odometry (MVO): Simultaneous Estimation of Camera and Third-Party Motions, Kevin M. Judd and Jonathan D. Gammell and Paul Newman [pdf]
  15. Reliable fusion of black-box estimates of underwater localization, Hendry Ferreira Chame, Matheus Machado dos Santos, Sı́lvia Silva da Costa Botelho [code]
  16. Stereo Visual Odometry and Semantics based Localization of Aerial_Robots in Indoor Environments, Hriday Bavle, Stephan Manthe, Paloma de la Puente, Alejandro Rodriguez-Ramos, Carlos Sampedro, Pascual Campoy [video]


  1. LDSO Direct Sparse Odometry with Loop Closure, Xiang Gao, Rui Wang, Nikolaus Demmel and Daniel Cremers [pdf] [code] [video]
  2. Predicting Objective Function Change in Pose-Graph Optimization, Fang Bai, Teresa Vidal-Calleja, Shoudong Huang, and Rong Xiong
  3. Scan Similarity-based Pose Graph Construction Method for Graph SLAM,Wonsok Yoo, Hanjun Kim, Hyunki Hong, and Beom H. Lee [pdf]
  4. Submap-based Pose-graph Visual SLAM A Robust Visual Exploration and Localization System, Weinan Chen, Lei Zhu, Yisheng Guan, C. Ronald Kube, Hong Zhang [pdf]
  5. Virtual Occupancy Grid Map for Submap-based Pose Graph SLAM and Planning in 3D Environments, Bing-Jui Ho, Paloma Sodhi, Pedro Teixeira, Ming Hsiao, Tushar Kusnur, and Michael Kaess [pdf]


  1. A Combined RGB and Depth Deor for SLAM with Humanoids, Rasha Sheikh, Stefan Oßwald and Maren Bennewitz [pdf] [code]
  2. Good Feature Selection for Least Squares Pose Optimization in VOVSLAM, Yipu Zhao and Patricio A. Vela
  3. HBST A Hamming Distance embedding Binary Search Tree for Feature-based Visual Place Recognition, Dominik Schlegel and Giorgio Grisetti [pdf] [code]
  4. Keyframe-based Photometric Online Calibration and Color Correction, Jan Quenzel, Jannis Horn, Sebastian Houben and Sven Behnke [pdf] [video]
  5. Optimized Contrast Enhancements to Improve Robustness of Visual Tracking in a SLAM Relocalisation Context, Xi Wang, Marc Christie, Eric Marchand [pdf]
  6. Robust Camera Pose Estimation via Consensus on Ray Bundle and Vector Field, Haoang Li, Ji Zhao, Jean-Charles Bazin, Lei Luo, Junlin Wu and Jian Yao
  7. Unit Quaternion-based Parameterization for Point Features in Visual Navigation, James Maley and Guoquan Huang
  8. Perspective Correcting Visual Odometry for Agile MAVs using a Pixel Processor Array, Colin Greatwood, Laurie Bose, Thomas Richardson, Walterio Mayol-Cuevas, Jianing Chen, Stephen J. Carey and Piotr Dudek [pdf] [video]


  1. A Variational Feature Encoding Method of 3D Object for Probabilistic Semantic SLAM, H. W. Yu and B. H. Lee [pdf]
  2. Bayesian Information Recovery from CNN for Probabilistic Inference, Dmitry Kopitkov and Vadim Indelman [pdf]
  3. DS-SLAM A Semantic Visual SLAM towards Dynamic Environments, Chao Yu, Zuxin Liu, Xin-Jun Liu, Fugui Xie, Yi Yang, Qi Wei, Qiao Fei [pdf]
  4. Fast and Accurate Semantic Mapping through Geometric-based Incremental Segmentation, Yoshikatsu Nakajima, Keisuke Tateno, Federico Tombari and Hideo Saito [pdf]
  5. Integrating Deep Semantic Segmentation into 3D Point Cloud Registration, Anestis Zaganidis, LiSun, Tom Duckett, and Grzegorz Cielniak [pdf]
  6. Learning monocular visual odometry with dense 3D mapping from dense 3D flow, Cheng Zhao, Li Sun, Pulak Purkait, Tom Duckett and Rustam Stolkin [pdf]
  7. Localization of Classified Objects in SLAM using Nonparametric Statistics and Clustering, Asif Iqbal 1 and Nicholas R. Gans
  8. Pose Estimation and Map Formation with Spiking Neural Networks towards Neuromorphic SLAM, Raphaela Kreiser, Panin Pienroj, Alpha Renner, and Yulia Sandamirskaya [pdf]
  9. Robust Exploration with Multiple Hypothesis Data Association, Jinkun Wang and Brendan Englot [pdf]
  10. Semantic Monocular SLAM for Highly Dynamic Environments, Nikolas Brasch, Aljaz Bozic, Joe Lallemand, Federico Tombari
  11. Unsupervised Odometry and Depth Learning for Endoscopic Capsule Robots, Mehmet Turan, Evin Pinar Ornek, Nail Ibrahimli, Can Giracoglu, Yasin Almalioglu,Mehmet Fatih Yanik, and Metin Sitti [pdf]

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