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global event listener extension for react or react-native

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React Native Event Listeners

(This package isn't only restricted to react-native projects. The source is written in plain js with no dependencies to react-native.)

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In some very specific cases it can be charming to have a simple global event listener. While working with global event listeners you don't have to pass touch events through the component tree into other components or can bypass easily the redux architecture for example.


npm install --save react-native-event-listeners


yarn add react-native-event-listeners

Usage Example

Hint: The event listeners also work across different files. You only have to import the

in every file you need to send or receive your events.

import { EventRegister } from 'react-native-event-listeners'



  • / class Receiver extends PureComponent { constructor(props) {

      this.state = {
          data: 'no data',


    componentWillMount() {

      this.listener = EventRegister.addEventListener('myCustomEvent', (data) => {


    componentWillUnmount() {



    render() {

      return <text>{}</text>

    } }


  • / const Sender = (props) => ( {
          EventRegister.emit('myCustomEvent', 'it works!!!')
    >Send Event )


// import
import { EventRegister } from 'react-native-event-listeners'

| static method | return value | description | | :------------------ | :---------------- | :------------------------------------------------------------- | | addEventListener | string | boolean | return value is the id of the event listener or false on error | | removeEventListener | boolean | true on success otherwise false | | removeAllListeners | boolean | true on success otherwise false | | emitEvent | void | no return value | | on | string | boolean | shorthand for addEventListener | | rm | boolean | shorthand for removeEventListener | | rmAll | boolean | shorthand for removeAllListeners | | emit | void | shorthand for emitEvent |


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