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Create living prototypes with code components.

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Create living prototypes with code components

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Start with a minimal set of components to sketch concepts and iterate fast your team to create and enrich components, refine design and implemenation and compose a working, living prototype.

⚠️ This is the contributor documentation of Alva. Please refer to for user docs.

Develop Alva

  • :turtle: :rocket: Node.js
  • :evergreen_tree: Git
  • :cat2: yarn
    >= 1.12
  • :globewithmeridians: Internet connection
git clone
cd alva
yarn tsc -b -w

In a second terminal window

yarn webpack -w

In a third terminal window

yarn alva

Package commands

Execute commands in all applicable packages via

yarn lerna run [cmd]

| Command | Description | |---------|-------------| | test | Run unit tests | | watch | Rebuild on file changes | | build | Build once |


Feel free to dive in! Open an issue, submit a Pull Request or let’s discuss what should be next. ❤️

Alva follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

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