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Deploy straight to github pages with one simple command.


# install it from npm and symlink it into your PATH
npm install gh-pages-deploy -g

now run it!


You can also use

npm run
to package it with your app without installing it globally.

First add this to your scripts section of

  "scripts": {
    "deploy": "gh-pages-deploy",
    "clean-source": "rimraf src webroot package.json"

And then install

as a devDependency:
npm install gh-pages-deploy --save-dev

And now you can run

npm run deploy
to run the
installed in the local
folder (even if you have never done
npm install gh-pages-deploy -g

You can also provide a custom commit message via command line argument:

  "scripts": {
    "deploy": "gh-pages-deploy -- 'A custom commit message'",


To configure

all you need to do is specify a couple of things in your
(all of which are optional)
  "gh-pages-deploy": {
    "staticpath": "dist",
    "cname": "",
    "prep": [
    "commit": "a custom commit message",
    "post": [
    "noprompt": false

  • "staticpath" path to your files to be copied over to the root directory
  • "cname" content for CNAME file
  • "prep" an array of script names to run before pushing to github, this can be any script that you have declared in your "scripts" object in your
  • "commit" a custom commit message to be used when committing to git
  • "post" an array of script names to run after "prep", but before add/commit/push
  • "noprompt" if this is set to true, the prompt will be bypassed and you will never need to confirm the commands before deploying.


This repo uses

. Checkout the gh-pages branch and the result at

This was inspired after a conversation with max ogden regarding the setup of the Code For Portland Jekyll Pages. Inspired by the repository, I wanted an easier way for people to generate static pages and deploy to github without being tied to just jekyll.



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