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This repository is for documentation, issues, milestones, and other items used to track the writing and management of content for the MDN Web Docs web developer documentation site.

Our workflow is optimized around using ZenHub to enhance the planning and management of our periodic work sprints, so certain relationships among items are only available if you use Zenhub.

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MDN documentation projects

The MDN team provides developers with the information they need to easily build projects on the web platform. This includes documenting the primary languages and APIs of the Web. To learn more about ongoing work, see the different MDN content areas:

| MDN Content Area | Links | |:----------------:|-------| | CSS | Project board
File a new docs issue | | JavaScript | Project board
File a new docs issue | | WebAPI | Project board
File a new docs issue | | HTML | Project board
File a new docs issue | | HTTP | Project board
File a new docs issue | | DevTools | Project board
File a new docs issue | | WebExtensions | Project board
File a new docs issue | | Learn | Project board
File a new docs issue |

More MDN projects

The MDN platform (kuma) and additional MDN projects (mdn-compat-data, interactive-examples, etc.) track their issues on their own repositories.

| MDN project repo | Links | |------------------|-------| | mdn-browser-compat-data | File a new issue | | interactive-examples | File a new issue | | mdn-data | File a new issue | | kuma | File a new issue | | kumascript | File a new issue |

For more, see also the full list of repos in the MDN GitHub organization.

MDN translations

MDN content can be translated using the MDN wiki editor. This work is a community effort and the MDN team does not work on content translations. Issues related to content translation may be closed.

Non Web docs

MDN Web Docs still hosts some docs that are not targeted at web developers (such as Mozilla project docs, Firefox build docs, etc.). This content is being archived and no longer maintained on MDN.

Please file issues on the respective projects instead. Firefox source tree docs are located at, for example.

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