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Finds a dota match when given a twitch clip

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This tool takes a twitch clip of someone playing dota and finds the match (match id) of dota that they were playing so you can get a dotabuff/opendota link or retrieve stats for it. I've created a reddit bot that automatically finds clips posted and gets matches for them: /u/DotaClipMatchFinder (The name is slightly different because TwitchClipMatchFinder was too many characters)

How it works

  • Get some info about the clip via the twitch api
  • Download the mp4 of the clip
  • Extract the first frame of the mp4 (using OpenCV)
  • Find the heroes in the top bar of the image
    • First, crop the image to only look at the top row where the heroes should be
    • Load all the hero images (plus arcana images)
    • Check if the hero is in the given image and if so, where (using OpenCV)
    • Filter out heroes that are in the wrong place in the image
    • Sort the results to get the 10 heroes that are most likely in this image in the right order
    • Do a bunch of other things to make sure we got the right heroes in the right places, because computers are bad at pattern detection
  • Use this opendota api endpoint to search for matches containing exactly this hero matchup
  • Pick the correct match out of the results based on which one has a start time closest to the time that the clip was taken

Libraries used


This library was built with the idea of using it as a reddit bot, which is its main use, but it can also be used separately to find specific clips. The

function in
can be called to find the match for a given clip slug (the 'slug' is the bit at the end of the twitch clip url that is a bunch of words together.) The file can also be started directly if you give the clip slug as the argument. Here is an example for

I've also now added support for passing in youtube urls

> python ExuberantBillowingHumanMau5
finding for ExuberantBillowingHumanMau5
matched for the following heroes:
              Huskar:    (16, 8) {0   1.56} [0.9541687965393066]
         Lifestealer:    (79, 8) {1   1.56} [0.9161773920059204]
              Mirana:   (142, 8) {2   1.56} [0.9785874485969543]
             Abaddon:   (205, 8) {3   1.56} [0.9478229880332947]
                 Axe:   (268, 8) {4   1.56} [0.8044984340667725]
          Omniknight:   (539, 8) {5   0.77} [0.9744465351104736]
         Earthshaker:   (602, 8) {6   1.11} [0.929298460483551]
       Faceless Void:   (665, 8) {7   1.11} [0.9520202279090881]
           Pangolier:   (728, 8) {8   0.44} [0.9074560403823853]
             Phoenix:   (791, 8) {9   0.77} [0.966294527053833]
found match 4997200445
started 12 minutes before the clip was taken.

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