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This repository collects Multitask-Learning related materials, mainly including the homepage of representative scholars, papers, surveys, slides, proceedings, and open-source projects. Welcome to share these materials! * Something New!!! * CS330: Deep Multi-Task and Meta-Learning * Homepage * Rich Caruana's (terribly out-of-date) Home Page * Massimiliano Pontil - UCL * Yu Zhang (张宇) - HKUST * Tong Zhang (张潼)- Tencent AI Lab * Fuzhen Zhuang (庄福振) * Lei Han's Homepage * Pattern Recognition & Neural Computing Group - NUAA * Fei Sha University of Southern California * Dr Xiaojun Chang – Faculty of Information Technology – Monash University * Yu-Gang Jiang Prof. * Zhuoliang Kang Ph.D student, Computer Science, USC * Shiliang Sun’s Home Page * Dr. Timothy Hospedales * ML^2 @ UCF * Elisa Ricci * Gjorgji Strezoski * Machine Learning with Interdependent and Non-identically Distributed Data * SFU Machine Learning Reading Group * Github * Logistic Regression * Multi-task logistic regression in brain-computer interfaces * Bayesian Methods * Kernelized Bayesian Multitask Learning * Parametric Bayesian multi-task learning for modeling biomarker trajectories * Bayesian Multitask Multiple Kernel Learning * Gaussian Process * Multi-task Gaussian process (MTGP) * Gaussian process multi-task learning * Sparse & Low Rank Methods * Asymmetric Multi-Task Learning * HierarchicalMultiTask_Learning * Asynchronous Multi-Task Learning * HMTL: Hierarchical Multi-Task Learning * Multi-task feature learning * Multiplicative MultiTask Feature Learning (MMTFL) * Learning Incoherent Sparse and Low-Rank Patterns from Multiple Tasks * Variable Selection and Task Grouping for Multi-Task Learning (VSTG-MTL) * Calibrated Multi-Task Learning Based on Non-convex Low Rank * Multi-taskSurvivalAnalysis * A Multi-Task Learning Formulation for Survival Analysis * Federated Multi-Task Learning * Online Learning * Online Multi-Task Learning Toolkit (OMT) v1.0 * Reinforcement Learning * Robust-Multitask-Reinforcement Learning * Package & Toolbox * MALSAR: Multi-task learning via Structural Regularization * MALSAR package Version 1.1 * Multi Task Learning Package for Matlab * Regularized Multi-task Learning in R * Package to apply MTL on a few dataset * Matlab MultiClass MultiTask Learning (MCMTL) toolbox * Personalized Multitask Learning * Papers * Multitask Learning * An overview of multi-task learning * A brief review on multi-task learning * A review on multi-task metric learning * Safe sample screening for regularized multi-task learning * Multi-task feature learning by using trace norm regularization * Multi-Task Clustering with Model Relation Learning * Online Multitask Learning * Online multitask relative similarity learning * New Directions in Transfer and Multi-Task: Learning Across Domains and Tasks * Manifold Regularized Multi-Task Learning * Multi-Objective Multi-Task Learning * Multi-Task Active Learning * Arxiv * A Survey on Multi-Task Learning * Self-Paced Multi-Task Clustering * Model-Protected Multi-Task Learning * Slides * Article slides * Multi-Task Feature Learning * Multi-Stage Multi-Task Feature Learning * A Dirty Model for Multitask Learning * Learning Incoherent Sparse and Low-Rank Patterns from Multiple Tasks * A Graph-based Framework for Multi-Task Multi-View Learning * Lecture slides * Multi-Task Learning: The Bayesian Way, 2006 * Multi-task Gaussian Process Prediction, 2008 * Multitask Multiple Kernel Learning, 2010 * Multi-task Regularization of Generative Similarity Models, 2011 * Learning Multiple Tasks with a Sparse Matrix-Normal Penalty, 2011 * Multi-Task Learning via Matrix Regularization * Multi-Task Learning: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications, 2012 * Multi-task and Transfer Learning, 2013 * Multi-task Learning and Structured Sparsity, 2013 * Multi-task Learning, 2013 * Multi-task Learning, 2014 * Multi-Task Learning: Models, Optimization and Applications, 2016 * Domain Adaptation / Multi-Task Learning Methods and Examples * Resources * Task Sensitive Feature Exploration and Learning for Multi-Task Graph Classification * BMTMKL: Bayesian Multitask Multiple Kernel Learning * Multitask Learning / Domain Adaptation * Multitask Kernel Methods * Multitask Deep Learning * Package & Toolbox * RMTL: Regularized Multi-Task Learning * Multi-Task Learning: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications * An Tutorial for Regularized Multi-task Learning using the package RMTL
* SparseMTL Toolbox * Probabilistic Machine Learning

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