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:rocket: A Gatsby theme/starter to build lightning-fast blog/websites

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:rocket: A gatsby-starter-morning-dew is a Gatsby starter to build lightning-fast websites!
:dizzy: You can also use gatsby-starter-morning-dew as a Gatsby Theme

Demo website.



  • :purple_heart: Gatsby v2 / React 16
  • :mag: SEO optimized
  • :love_letter: Write posts/pages in Markdown or MDX
    • :art: Code syntax highlight
    • :books: Multilang support/i18n (blog post)
  • :iphone: Mobile Friendly (Responsive design)
  • :sparkles: PWA ready
    • :airplane: Offline support
    • :pagewithcurl: Manifest support
  • :wrench: Fully configurable (see data/siteConfig.js)
  • :speech_balloon: Disqus support
  • :nail_care: css-in-js (with styled-components v5)
  • :bookmark: Groups post with tags
  • :bar_chart: Google Analytics support
  • :bird: post preview image generation (Twitter, Facebook...)
  • :gem: Developer tools:
    • eslint
    • prettier
  • :construction_worker: Travis CI support

Lighthouse scores (locally :bowtie:)

Installation (starter)

  • with Gatsby-cli:
npm install --global gatsby-cli
gatsby new gatsby-blog
  • without Gatsby-cli
git clone my-site [email protected]:maxpou/gatsby-starter-morning-dew.git
cd my-site
npm install

Then run

npm run develop
to try it locally.

Installation (theme)

You can also use

as a Gatsby theme!
  1. Add the theme
    npm install gatsby-starter-morning-dew
  2. In your
    , add:
    const config = require('./data/siteConfig')
    // ...
    plugins: [
        resolve: "gatsby-starter-morning-dew",
        options: {},
        resolve: `gatsby-plugin-manifest`,
        options: {
          name: config.siteTitle,
          short_name: config.siteTitle,
          start_url: config.pathPrefix,
          background_color: config.background_color,
          theme_color: config.theme_color,
          display: config.display,
          icon: 'content/images/company-icon.png', // path to your image
  3. Add an image called
    🐞This is due to a theme limitations.
    😬 Don't worry, this picture will not appear on your website!

Need more details? Checkout: * source: Maxence Poutord's personnal blog; * gatsby-groot source: a minimalist blog that use this template!


# working locally
npm run dev

generate build

npm run build

format code

npm run format

lint code

npm run lint

Generate generate post preview images (npm run dev need to run before)

npm run generatePostPreviewImages

:warning: Add

if you are using path prefix!


module.exports = {
  siteTitle: 'gatsby-starter-morning-dew',
  siteDescription: 'A Gatsby theme/starter to build lightning-fast websites',
  authorName: 'Maxence Poutord',
  twitterUsername: '_maxpou',
  authorAvatar: 'avatar.jpeg', // file in content/images
  defaultLang: 'en', // show flag if lang is not default. Leave empty to enable flags in post lists
  authorDescription: `
  For the last decade, Maxence Poutord has worked with a variety of web technologies. He is currently focused on front-end development.
  On his day to day job, he is working as a senior front-end engineer at VSware. He is also a frequent tech speaker and a mentor.
  As a new digital nomad, he is living where the WIFI and sun is 😎 
Do you want to know more? Visit my website! `, siteUrl: '', disqusSiteUrl: '', // Prefixes all links. For cases when deployed to pathPrefix: '/gatsby-starter-morning-dew', // Note: it must *not* have a trailing slash. siteCover: 'cover-baymax.jpeg', // file in content/images googleAnalyticsId: 'UA-67868977-1', background_color: '#ffffff', theme_color: '#222222', display: 'standalone', icon: 'content/images/baymax.png', postsPerPage: 6, disqusShortname: 'maxpou', headerTitle: 'gatsby-starter-morning-dew', headerLinksIcon: 'baymax.png', // file in content/images (leave empty to disable: '') headerLinks: [ { label: 'Blog', url: '/', }, { label: 'About', url: '/about-gatsby-starter-morning-dew', }, { label: 'Installation', url: '/how-to-install', }, ], // Footer information (ex: Github, Netlify...) websiteHost: { name: 'GitHub', url: '', }, footerLinks: [ { sectionName: 'Explore', links: [ { label: 'Blog', url: '/', }, { label: 'About', url: '/about-gatsby-starter-morning-dew', }, { label: 'Installation', url: '/how-to-install', }, ], }, { sectionName: 'Follow the author', links: [ { label: 'Github', url: '', }, { label: 'Website', url: '', }, { label: 'Twitter', url: '', }, ], }, ], }


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