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Removes any duplicate songs from Google Music that have the same title and album.

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Google Music Dupe Killer

Really small scripts designed to remove pesky duplicates from Google Music.

** The duplicates must have all correct meta data as this evaluates their title and album for detection.

Thanks to simon weber for a GREAT client library that made this super easy to code.


These are incredibly simple scripts, but do require a few small configurations.

Install Unofficial Google Music Api

  • For most environments with Python 3 already installed:

$ pip install gmusicapi
* If you do not have pip or are running windows, please see Unofficial Google Music API usage

Change login credentials

  • Near line 12 in the script, change the 'username' and 'password' to your Google account credentials.
  • Alternatively, create an empty file called '' in the script directory and set the username and password variables there.
username = '[email protected]'
password = 'changeme'
#android_id = 'deadbeefc0decafe'
  • NOTE: Users with 2-step authentication enabled will have to create an App Specific Key/Password. Login into your Google account and head to, there you will be able to manually generate an App Specific password. After creating the Key/Password, just use it to login into this App, together with your usual Google username/email.

  • NOTE: If you see the error message "a valid MAC could not be determined." you are running into a known issue with the Google Music API. To workaround, set a new 16 digit hexadecimal number as your android_id on line 17 or in

Run kill_dupes

  • The script will automatically detect and remove duplicates on any songs in your library.

Run killplaylistdupes

  • This script works on one playlist at a time and removes the second through nth duplicate of a track in a playlist.


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