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Nightwatch.js custom commands and assertions

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Nightwatch custom commands and assertions

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These are some commands and assertion I use when I'm testing with nightwatch.js and selenium.

How to use these things?

You can install it using npm:

npm install nightwatch-custom-commands-assertions --save-dev

Then, open the nightwatch.json file in your editor (or create it if it doesn't exist) and edit the

keys so they look like this:
    ... //your config

"custom_commands_path" : "node_modules/nightwatch-custom-commands-assertions/js/commands",
"custom_assertions_path" : "node_modules/nightwatch-custom-commands-assertions/js/assertions",

... //your config again


Now you should be able to use these commands/assertions when you call

nightwatch --test

Alternative ways of installing

  • Go into your
    folder (or where your nightwatch.json is) and do:
  git clone
  • Download the zipped repository here and extract it wherever you want

You then need to open your nightwatch.json and edit

according to where you cloned or extracted the repository.



List of commands

See the docs folder

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