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Wrapper for Bitwarden and Rofi

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Bitwarden Rofi Menu

This is a work in progress to get the BitWarden cli functionality in an easy Rofi menu. On selecting an entry, the password is copied to your clipboard for 5 seconds. During those 5 seconds, a notification is shown indicating which password you are copying at that time.



You can either execute the script from a terminal or by binding it to a key combination in your window manager.

bwmenu 0.4

Usage: bwmenu [options] -- [rofi options]

Options: --help Show this help text and exit.

--version Show version information and exit.

--auto-lock Automatically lock the Vault seconds after last unlock. Use 0 to lock immediatly. Use -1 to disable. Default: 900 (15 minutes)

-c , --clear , --clear= Clear password from clipboard after this many seconds. Defaults: 5 seconds.

-C, --no-clear Don't automatically clear the password from the clipboard. This disables the default --clear option.

--show-password Show the first 4 characters of the copied password in the notification.

Quick Actions: When hovering over an item in the rofi menu, you can make use of Quick Actions.

Alt+r Resync your vault

Alt+u Search through urls Alt+n Search through names Alt+c Search through folders

Alt+t Copy the TOTP Alt+1 Autotype the username and password [needs xdotool (Xorg) / ydotool (Wayland)] Alt+2 Autotype the username [needs xdotool (Xorg) / ydotool (Wayland)] Alt+3 Autotype the password [needs xdotool (Xorg) / ydotool (Wayland)]

Alt+L Lock your vault


Default options work well


Immediatly lock the Vault after use

bwmenu --auto-lock 0

Never lock the Vault

bwmenu --auto-lock -1

Place rofi on top of screen, like a Quake console

bwmenu -- -location 2


  • Alt+r: Resync Bitwarden
  • Alt+u: Search on url
  • Alt+n: Search on names
  • Alt+c: Select folder to search in
  • Alt+t: Copy the TOTP
  • Alt+L: Lock and exit

Auto Typing

You can use bitwarden-rofi to auto type your username, password or both by using xdotool/ydotool to autofill forms. - Alt+1: Type username and password - Alt+2: Type only the username - Alt+3: Type only the password

Wayland Users: For autotyping to work in Wayland, you will need

working with root permissions (it needs access to /dev/uinput) without asking for password. For example, this can be achieved by adding this line in


your_username ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/ydotool


Via package managers

Packaging status

Arch Linux (AUR)

Install the

AUR package for the latest release or the
for the current master.
For copying or autotyping, install: - xorg:
- wayland:

Via source

Install these required dependencies:

  • rofi
  • bitwarden-cli
  • jq

Gentoo Users: It appears Gentoo does not provide a kernel with

. If so, make sure to install this as well

Optionally install these requirements: - xclip, xsel, or wl-clipboard - xdotool or ydotool

Then download the script file and place it somewhere on your

and grant it the
# Install for all users
sudo install -D --mode=755 --group=root --owner=root bwmenu /usr/local/bin/bwmenu

Install for yourself

mkdir -p ~/.local/bin &&
cp bwmenu ~/.local/bin/bwmenu &&
chmod +x ~/.local/bin/bwmenu

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Released under the GNU General Public License, version 3. See


Copyright © 2018-2019 * Andreas Backx * Daniel Prado * Jonathan Raphaelson. * Magnus Bergmark * Matthias De Bie * Remy Rojas * Baptiste Pierrat * Nathan Wallace

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