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Efficiently Singularize and Pluralize Strings

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Efficiently Singularize and Pluralize Strings

InflectorKit ports the string inflection functionality of Rails ActiveSupport to Foundation.

InflectorKit joins FormatterKit & TransformerKit in providing well-designed APIs for manipulating user-facing content.


#import "NSString+InflectorKit.h"

for (NSString *singular in @[@"person", @"tomato", @"matrix", @"octopus", @"fish"]) { NSLog(@"%@: %@", singular, [singular pluralizedString]); }

person: people
tomato: tomatoes
matrix: matrices
octopus: octopi
fish: fish

You can also add pluralization rules, including irregular and uncountable words:

#import "TTTStringInflector.h"

TTTStringInflector *inflector = [TTTStringInflector defaultInflector]; [inflector addPluralRule:@"^i(Pod|Pad)( Mini)?$" withReplacement:@"i$1s$2"]; [inflector addIrregularWithSingular:@"lol" plural:@"lolz"]; [inflector addUncountable:@"Herokai"];

for (NSString *singular in @[@"iPad Mini", @"lol", @"Herokai"]) { NSLog(@"%@: %@", singular, [singular pluralizedString]); }

iPad Mini: iPads Mini
lol: lolz
Herokai: Herokai


Mattt Thompson


InflectorKit is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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