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A codegen tool for 100% TS type-safety in XState

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Type Safe State Machines

gives you 100% type-safe usage of XState in Typescript. Try it out at this codesandbox!

You get type safety on:

  • Transition targets:
    on: {EVENT: 'deep.nested.state'}
  • Services
  • Guards
  • Activities
  • Actions
  • The
  • state.matches('deep.nested.state')

This works by introspecting your machine in situ in your code. With this Thanos-level power, we can click our fingers and give you 100% type safety in your state machines.



xstate-codegen "src/**/**.machine.ts"

Inside code

Instead of importing

, import them from
import { createMachine } from '@xstate/compiled';

const machine = createMachine();

You must pass three type options to

  1. The desired shape of your machine's context
  2. The list of events your machine accepts, typed in a discriminated union (
    type Event = { type: 'GO' } | { type: 'STOP' };
  3. A string ID for your machine, unique to your project.

For instance:

import { Machine } from '@xstate/compiled';

interface Context {}

type Event = { type: 'DUMMY_TYPE' };

const machine = Machine({});

Usage with React

import { useMachine } from '@xstate/compiled/react';
import { machine } from './myMachine.machine'

const [state, dispatch] = useMachine(machine, { // all options in here will be type checked })

Usage with Interpret

import { interpret } from '@xstate/compiled';
import { machine } from './myMachine.machine'

const service = interpret(machine, { // all options in here will be type checked })



xstate-codegen "src/**/**.machine.ts" --once

By default, the CLI watches for changes in your files. Running

runs the CLI only once.

Out Dir

xstate-codegen "src/**/**.machine.ts" --outDir="src"

By default, the CLI adds the required declaration files inside nodemodules at `nodemodules/@xstate/compiled`. This writes the declaration files to a specified directory.

Note, this only writes the declaration files to the directory. The

files still get written to

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