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Mattermost Bot Sample


This sample Bot shows how to use the Mattermost Go driver to interact with a Mattermost server, listen to events and respond to messages. Documentation for the Go driver can be found here.

Highlights of APIs used in this sample: - Log in to the Mattermost server - Create a channel - Modify user attributes - Connect and listen to WebSocket events for real-time responses to messages - Post a message to a channel

This Bot Sample was tested with Mattermost server version 3.10.0.

Setup Server Environment

1 - Install or upgrade to Mattermost server version 3.10+, and verify that the Mattermost server is running on http://localhost:8065.

On the commands below, if you are running Mattermost server version 5.0 or later, use

. If you are running version 4.10 or earlier, use

Learn more about the

CLI tool in the Mattermost documentation.

2 - Create a team for the Bot to run. If you have an existing team, you may skip this step and replace

with your existing team in subsequent steps.
./bin/mmctl team create --name botsample --display_name "Sample Bot playground" --email "[email protected]"
3 - Create the user account the Bot will run as.
./bin/mmctl user create --email="[email protected]" --password="password1" --username="samplebot"
4 - Create a second user,
, which we will use to log in and interact with the Bot.
./bin/mmctl user create --email="[email protected]" --password="password1" --username="bill"
5 - (Optional) Give
./bin/mmctl roles system_admin bill
6 - Add users to the team
./bin/mmctl team add botsample samplebot bill
7 - Verify the e-mail address
./bin/mmctl user verify samplebot
8 - Log in to http://localhost:8065 as
and verify the account was created successfully. Then, navigate to the
team you created in step 2 to interact with the Bot.

Setup Bot Development Environment

1 - Follow the Developer Machine Setup instructions to setup the bot development environment.

2 - Clone the GitHub repository to run the sample.

git clone https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost-bot-sample-golang.git
cd mattermost-bot-sample-golang
3 - Start the Bot.
make run
You can verify the Bot is running when -
Server detected and is running version X.Y.Z
appears on the command line. -
Mattermost Bot Sample has started running
is posted in the
Debugging For Sample Bot

Test the Bot

1 - Log in to the Mattermost server as

[email protected]

2 - Join the

Debugging For Sample Bot

3 - Post a message in the channel such as

are you running?
to see if the Bot responds. You should see a response similar to
Yes I'm running
if the Bot is running.

Stop the Bot

1 - In the terminal window, press

to stop the bot. You should see
Mattermost Bot Sample has stopped running
posted in the
Debugging For Sample Bot

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