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PHP Client for Matomo Analytics Tracking API

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PHP Client for Matomo Analytics Tracking API

The PHP Tracker Client provides all features of the Matomo Javascript Tracker, such as Ecommerce Tracking, Custom Variables, Event Tracking and more.

Documentation and examples

Check out our Matomo-PHP-Tracker developer documentation and Matomo Tracking API guide.

// Required variables
$matomoSiteId = 6;                  // Site ID
$matomoUrl = "https://example.tld"; // Your matomo URL
$matomoToken = "";                  // Your authentication token

// Optional variable $matomoPageTitle = ""; // The title of the page

// Load object require_once("MatomoTracker.php");

// Matomo object $matomoTracker = new MatomoTracker((int)$matomoSiteId, $matomoUrl);

// Set authentication token $matomoTracker->setTokenAuth($matomoToken);

// Track page view $matomoTracker->doTrackPageView($matomoPageTitle);


  • JSON extension (jsondecode, jsonencode)
  • cURL or stream extension (to issue the HTTPS request to Matomo)



composer require matomo/matomo-php-tracker


Alternatively, you can download the files and require the Matomo tracker manually:



Released under the BSD License

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