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Mathigon Textbooks

Welcome to Mathigon, an award-winning mathematics education platform for students aged 12 to 18. Part textbook and part virtual personal tutor, it uses cutting-edge technology and an innovative new curriculum to make learning mathematics more fun and more interactive and engaging than ever before. Learn more…

This repository contains the source code and assets for all our courses.

Course Structure

Every course is a subfolder in the content directory, and consists of these components:

  • content.md
    contains the source code and metadata for a course. It is written in a custom extension of Markdown. Docs…
  • functions.ts
    contains all the TypeScript code for all the interactive elements in this course. Docs…
  • styles.less
    contains all course-specific styles, using LESS format.
  • hints.yaml
    (optional) contains any messages that can be sent by Mathigon's virtual tutor.

The content/shared directory contains biographies, glossary, web components, and assets used by multiple courses.

If you want to make changes or additions to this content, you can run a local Node.js server for development. Simply follow our setup instructions.


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We welcome any contributions to Mathigon – from bug fixes and correcting typos to creating entirely new courses. If you find any bugs or mistakes, please file an issue.

When writing new content, make sure you follow our content development guide, which contains pedagogical principles, style recommendations, and descriptions of interactive elements.

If you want to help us translate Mathigon into more languages, take a look at our localisation documentation.

Before submitting a pull request, you will need to sign the Mathigon Individual Contributor License Agreement.

If you want to work for Mathigon, visit our careers page, and contact us if you have any questions.

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