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List of flowtype Interfaces.

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Flow Interfaces

Flow interfaces for ~20 npm modules


Install with NPM

Every interface is available on NPM; each is prefixed with


npm install --save-dev iflow-chartist

Add to Flow Config

Add each interface to your


Available Interfaces

  • iflow-chartist
  • iflow-core-decorators
  • iflow-invariant
  • iflow-jquery
  • iflow-koa
  • iflow-koa-bodyparser
  • iflow-koa-router
  • iflow-primus-emit
  • iflow-primus-rooms
  • iflow-react-gemini-scrollbar
  • iflow-react-intl
  • iflow-react-native-vector-icons
  • iflow-react-router
  • iflow-react-router-redux
  • iflow-react-widgets
  • iflow-redux-logger
  • iflow-redux-thunk
  • iflow-shallowequal
  • iflow-stardust
  • iflow-vex
  • iflow-warning


Pull requests for existing interfaces are welcome. If you plan on adding a new one please contribute to

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