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Molten is a WebUI for the REST API exposed by Saltstack.

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Molten - Salt Rest-API WebUI

Molten is a WebUI for the REST API exposed by Salt. Molten aims to make the API features accessible and to provide an easily deployable alternative to the salt cli interface. No additional service besides

is required.

Molten Execution View

To get a quick impression have a look at the screenshots.


  • Fast. No page reloads, molten is a SPA (single page app) and keeps state during navigation.
  • Full access to all salt clients supported via Rest API.
  • Live updates, e.g. for events, jobs, ...
  • Job history and rescheduling of jobs
  • Simple deployment: no additional Python / Node.js or Go application required.

Quick Demo

Make sure that vagrant is installed.

Check out this repository init git submodules and start virtual machine via vagrant:

git clone
cd molten
git submodule init
git submodule update
vagrant up demo

Connect to as user test with password molten.


Current Release

Installation and Configuration


Molten should in principle be compatible with all salt versions that include the netapi. - Function documentation is working if master and client versions are at least 2015.8.0 - Serving molten from a different location without proxy requires salt master version to be at least 2015.8.1


  • Report bugs and feature requests to the issue tracker.
  • Pull requests are welcome!


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