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Colour extraction library, based on the [Palette support library]( by @chrisbanes

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Demonstration The top row consists of the colors generated by the original library, the bottom row is generated by this JavaScript version.


var header = $('.header');
var avatar = header.find('img.avatar');
    .done(function(palette) {
        var vibrantColor = palette.getVibrantColor();
        if(vibrantColor !== null) {
            header.css('color', vibrantColor.toString());
    }, function(error) {


There are (about) three reasons this library doesn't completely match the Java version - Images are scaled differently and colors might appear in different quantities - The RGB to HSL conversion is different, and the code might behave differently in edge cases (i.e. a float on Android might be just above 1.0, while in JS it's cut off at 1) - The PriorityQueues on both platforms behave differently. I translated most of the Java code, yet objects still don't get sorted the same 100% of the time. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


  • Chris Banes, author of the original Java-based library

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