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Browser-side SDF font generator

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TinySDF is a tiny and fast JavaScript library for generating SDF (signed distance field) from system fonts on the browser using Canvas 2D and Felzenszwalb/Huttenlocher distance transform. This is very useful for rendering text with WebGL.

This implementation is based directly on the algorithm published in the Felzenszwalb/Huttenlocher paper, and is not a port of the existing C++ implementation provided by the paper's authors.

Demo: http://mapbox.github.io/tiny-sdf/


Create a TinySDF for drawing SDFs based on font parameters:

var fontsize = 24; // Font size in pixels
var buffer = 3;    // Whitespace buffer around a glyph in pixels
var radius = 8;    // How many pixels around the glyph shape to use for encoding distance
var cutoff = 0.25  // How much of the radius (relative) is used for the inside part the glyph

var fontFamily = 'sans-serif'; // css font-family var fontWeight = 'normal'; // css font-weight var tinySDFGenerator = new TinySDF(fontsize, buffer, radius, cutoff, fontFamily, fontWeight);

var oneSDF = tinySDFGenerator.draw('泽'); // returns a Uint8ClampedArray array of alpha values (0–255) for a size x size square grid

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