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Gzip header-only C++ library

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Gzip C++ lib for gzip compression and decompression. Extracted from mapnik-vector-tile for light-weight modularity.

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// Include the specific gzip headers your code needs, for example...

// All function calls must pass in a pointer of an // immutable character sequence (aka a string in C) and its size std::string data = "hello"; const char * pointer = data.data(); std::size_t size = data.size();

// Check if compressed. Can check both gzip and zlib. bool c = gzip::is_compressed(pointer, size); // false

// Compress returns a std::string std::string compressed_data = gzip::compress(pointer, size);

// Decompress returns a std::string and decodes both zlib and gzip const char * compressed_pointer = compressed_data.data(); std::string decompressed_data = gzip::decompress(compressed_pointer, compressed_data.size());

// Or like so std::string compressed_data = gzip::compress(tile->data(), tile->data.size());

// Or like so std::string value = gzip::compress(node::Buffer::Data(obj), node::Buffer::Length(obj));

// Or...etc


// Optionally include compression level
std::size_t size; // No default value, but what happens when not passed??
int level = Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION; // Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION is the default if no arg is passed

std::string compressed_data = gzip::compress(tile->data(), size, level);


// No args other than the std:string
std::string data = "hello";
std::string compressed_data = gzip::compress(data);
const char * compressed_pointer = compressed_data.data();

std::string decompressed_data = gzip::decompress(compressed_pointer, compressed_data.size());


# build test binaries

run tests

make test

You can make Release test binaries as well

BUILDTYPE=Release make
BUILDTYPE=Release make test


This library is semantically versioned using the /include/gzip/version.cpp file. This defines a number of macros that can be used to check the current major, minor, or patch versions, as well as the full version string.

Here's how you can check for a particular version to use specific API methods ```c++


// use version 2 api


// use older verion apis


Here's how to check the version string
std::cout << "version: " << GZIP_VERSION_STRING << "/n";
// => version: 0.2.0

And lastly, mathematically checking for a specific version: ```c++


// use feature provided in v2.0.1


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