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Using oauth2-server: 3.0.0-b2 & Supports MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL & SQLite

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Node OAuth2 Server Implementation

Please refer this Fully functional OAuth 2.0 Implementation with production example with node-oauth2-server#2.4.0


"oauth2-server": "^3.0.0-b2",


git clone
npm install
npm start or node ./bin/www

Quick Start

The module provides two middlewares, one for authorization and routing, another for error handling, use them as you would any other middleware:

var express = require('express');
var oauthServer = require('oauth2-server');
var Request = oauthServer.Request;
var Response = oauthServer.Response;
var authenticate = require('./components/oauth/authenticate')

var app = express();

app.use(bodyParser.urlencoded({ extended: true }));


// var oauth = new oauthServer({ model: require('./models.js') });

app.all('/oauth/token', function(req,res,next){ var request = new Request(req); var response = new Response(res);

  .then(function(token) {
    // Todo: remove unnecessary values in response
    return res.json(token)
    return res.status( 500).json(err)

});'/authorise', function(req, res){ var request = new Request(req); var response = new Response(res);

return oauth.authorize(request, response).then(function(success) {
  res.status(err.code || 500).json(err)


app.get('/secure', authenticate(), function(req,res){ res.json({message: 'Secure data'}) });

app.get('/me', authenticate(), function(req,res){ res.json({ me: req.user, messsage: 'Authorization success, Without Scopes, Try accessing /profile with profile scope', description: 'Try postman', more: 'pass profile scope while Authorize' }) });

app.get('/profile', authenticate({scope:'profile'}), function(req,res){ res.json({ profile: req.user }) });


After running with node, visting should present you with a json response saying your access token could not be found.

To simulate, Use Postman:


  • Supports authorizationcode, password, refreshtoken, client_credentials and extension (custom) grant types
  • Implicitly supports any form of storage e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongo, Redis...
  • Full test suite

Model Specification

See SQL file in


The module requires a model object through which some aspects or storage, retrieval and custom validation are abstracted. The last parameter of all methods is a callback of which the first parameter is always used to indicate an error.

Note: see for a full model example using MySQL.


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