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Twitter Clone Backend (Prisma + GraphQL)

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Twitter Clone Backend

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Twitter clone backend built with Prisma and GraphQL.

If you are looking for the frontend repo, click here

Check out the deployed site

Core Packages

  1. prisma - allows us to define our application models and generates CRUD operations from our defined models
  2. graphql-yoga - graphql server
  3. jsonwebtoken - authentication


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Running locally

Prisma setup

  • You need to have a prisma account
  • Make sure to install the prisma cli tool globally in your machine

    npm i -g prisma

    once you created your account, you can login from the terminal

    prisma login

  • Once you logged into your account, you need to create a new prisma project

    prisma init 
  • Copy the 'datamodel.prisma' file in the 'prisma_setup' folder to the root directory

    cp prisma_setup/datamodel.prisma . # assuming you are present in the root directory
  • Then you need to simply deploy the changes you made

    prisma deploy

Environmental variables setup

  • Create a .env file at the root directory with the following contents

Then run npm i && npm run dev to start the development server

Watch this video on how to setup locally

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Deploying the backend to heroku

First create an heroku account and install the heroku cli globally and login

npm i -g heroku
heroku login

Once logged in, create a new heroku application and push it to the remote 'heroku'

heroku create
git push heroku master

Then you need to manually setup the environmental variables using the heroku dashboard








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