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Standard C++ for Arduino (port of uClibc++)

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Standard C++ for Arduino

What is this?

This is a straight port of uClibc++ for Arduino. I have cut nothing out and held nothing back. Use with care!

That said, I have used uClibc++'s own internal configuration to pare back un-needed stuff, like support for floats, gratuitous template instantiations and other things. See system_configuration.h for all of those gory details.

Plus I added in Andy Brown's excellent ohserialstream class for managing the HardwareSerial as an ostream.

How do I install it?

This is installed just like a regular Arduino library. Unpack the contents of the distribution into the 'libraries' folder under your sketchbook. For example, my sketchbook is at /home/maniacbug/Source/Arduino, so this library is in /home/maniacbug/Source/Arduino/libraries/StandardCplusplus .

Be sure to reset your Arduino IDE after installing it.

How do I try it out?

From the Arduino IDE, navigate the menus to: File > Examples > StandardCplusplus > string_vector

Upload that, set your serial monitor to 57600 baud, and check the output.

How do I learn more?

The web is your friend. is my personal favorite reference.

Which versions does it work with?

Arduino 1.0 and beyond.

What is the license?

uClibc++ is LGPL, so this port is also. Andy's file is actually CC-BY-SA, however he indicated he'd be releasing it using the 3-clause modified BSD license, so it will be fully compatible with uClibc++.

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