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Track trip distance, speed, altitude, and duration like a boss.

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Follower beta

Track trip distance, speed, altitude, and duration like a boss.


Getting started

  • Add
    pod 'Follower'
    to your podfile, and run
    pod install
  • Ensure your app is set up for iOS 8 location services, i.e. add your
    to your info.plist.

How easy is it to use?

Perhaps you're a fitness app, and you want to track the route information for a user on their daily mountain ride...

// Create your follower, and tell it to start route tracking.
self.follower = [Follower new];
[self.follower beginRouteTracking];
// Maybe they want to pause their workout so they can stop for a drink...
[self.follower pauseRouteTracking]
// Ready to get back to it!
[self.follower resumeRouteTracking]
// Some time later when they're done...
[self.follower endRouteTracking];

That was easy... Now what?

Map Polyline / Region

// Add their route to a MKMapView and center it properly.
[self.mapView addOverlay:self.follower.routePolyline];
[self.mapView setRegion:self.follower.routeRegion animated:YES];


// Total time spent tracking route - not including time paused.
[self.follower routeDurationString]; // "02:30:00"
[self.follower routeDurationWithUnit:TimeUnitSeconds]; // 9000.0
[self.follower routeDurationWithUnit:TimeUnitMinutes]; // 150.0
[self.follower routeDurationWithUnit:TimeUnitHours]; // 2.5


// Get their averge speed...
[self.follower averageSpeedWithUnit:SpeedUnitMetersPerSecond]; // 26.8224...
[self.follower averageSpeedWithUnit:SpeedUnitKilometersPerHour]; // 96.560...
[self.follower averageSpeedWithUnit:SpeedUnitMilesPerHour]; // 60.0

// Get their top speed... [self.follower topSpeedWithUnit:...];


// Get the total distance traveled...
[self.follower totalDistanceWithUnit:DistanceUnitMeters]; // 1000.0
[self.follower totalDistanceWithUnit:DistanceUnitKilometers]; // 1.0
[self.follower totalDistanceWithUnit:DistanceUnitFeet]; // 3280.8399...
[self.follower totalDistanceWithUnit:DistanceUnitMiles]; // .6213...


// Get their average, minimum, and maximum altitudes...
[self.follower averageAltitudeWithUnit:...];
[self.follower minimumAltitudeWithUnit:...];
[self.follower maximumAltitudeWithUnit:...];

Realtime Information

Implement the following (optional)

method, and set yourself as the delegate for your Follower to get updates when we do, rather than waiting for the trip to be done. NOTE: Region and polyline information is only available after route tracking has been ended.
- (void)followerDidUpdate:(Follower *)follower {
    // Get all of the same above information here and do whatever you want with it!


The source is made available under the MIT license.

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