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Flask app : extracts palette of dominating colors from image.

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A simple web app to extract dominant colors from an image.

MIT License prs welcome


View it live at:

What it do

Extracts 10 dominating colors from the image and add the palette to the bottom of the image (inspired by colorpalette.cinema). You can adjust the palette height, outline color and width to match your image dimension.

How it works

script does all the work. It uses Pillow. It takes the image and reduce the number of colors in it to 10, but the way it does this is interesting as only dominating colors are choosen as they can best resemble the original image.

image with 10 colors


original image

To know more about the method you can read this post

Install & run locally


git clone
cd colorpalette

Create a virtualenv:

python3 -m venv venv

Activate it on Linux:

. venv/bin/activate

Or on Windows cmd:


Install requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt



View on localhost:5000


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