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Code for the paper "Neural Question Generation from Text: A Preliminary Study"

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This repository contains code for the paper "Neural Question Generation from Text: A Preliminary Study"

About this code

The experiments in the paper were done with an in-house deep learning tool. Therefore, we re-implement this with PyTorch as a reference.

This code only implements the setting

in the paper. Within 1 hour's training on Tesla P100, the
model achieves 12.78 BLEU-4 score on the dev set.

If you find this code useful in your research, please consider citing:

  title={Neural Question Generation from Text: A Preliminary Study},
  author={Zhou, Qingyu and Yang, Nan and Wei, Furu and Tan, Chuanqi and Bao, Hangbo and Zhou, Ming},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1704.01792},

How to run

Prepare the dataset and code

Make an experiment home folder for NQG data and code:

mkdir -p $NQG_HOME/code
mkdir -p $NQG_HOME/data
cd $NQG_HOME/code
git clone
cd $NQG_HOME/data
Put the data in the folder
and organize them as:
├── code
│   └── NQG
│       └── seq2seq_pt
└── data
    └── redistribute
        ├── QG
        │   ├── dev
        │   ├── test
        │   ├── test_sample
        │   └── train
        └── raw
Then collect vocabularies:
python $NQG_HOME/code/NQG/seq2seq_pt/ \
       $NQG_HOME/data/redistribute/QG/train/train.txt.source.txt \
       $NQG_HOME/data/redistribute/QG/train/ \
python $NQG_HOME/code/NQG/seq2seq_pt/ \
       $NQG_HOME/data/redistribute/QG/train/ \
python $NQG_HOME/code/NQG/seq2seq_pt/ \
       $NQG_HOME/data/redistribute/QG/train/train.txt.pos \
       $NQG_HOME/data/redistribute/QG/train/train.txt.ner \
       $NQG_HOME/data/redistribute/QG/train/ \
head -n 20000 $NQG_HOME/data/redistribute/QG/train/vocab.txt > $NQG_HOME/data/redistribute/QG/train/vocab.txt.20k

Setup the environment

Package Requirements:

nltk scipy numpy pytorch

PyTorch version: This code requires PyTorch v0.4.0.

Python version: This code requires Python3.

Warning: Older versions of NLTK have a bug in the PorterStemmer. Therefore, a fresh installation or update of NLTK is recommended.

A Docker image is also provided.

Docker image

docker pull magic282/pytorch:0.4.0

Run training

The file
is an example. Modify it according to your configuration.

Without Docker

bash $NQG_HOME/code/NQG/seq2seq_pt/ $NQG_HOME/data/redistribute/QG $NQG_HOME/code/NQG/seq2seq_pt

With Docker

nvidia-docker run --rm -ti -v $NQG_HOME:/workspace magic282/pytorch:0.4.0

Then inside the docker:

bash code/NQG/seq2seq_pt/ /workspace/data/redistribute/QG /workspace/code/NQG/seq2seq_pt

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