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MXNet based Neural Machine Translation

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MXNMT: MXNet based Neural Machine Translation

This is an implementation of seq2seq with attention for neural machine translation with MXNet.


This repo is no longer maintained. I recommend


The current code uses IWSLT 2009 Chinese-English corpus as training, development and test data. Please request this data set or use other available parallel corpus. Data statistics,

| training | dev | test | |----------|-----|------| | 81819 | 446 | 504 |


  • This code does work with the latest mxnet. I made a new version with improved performance in the next branch and it can run with the 0.9.5 mxnet. However, this branch is not complete since it lacks the decode part. I will really appreciate it if you can contribute to this branch. Also, I strongly recommend to use this commit (138344683e65c87af20250e3f4cdcc5a72ac3cc5) of mxnet because of this issue.
  • The author cannot distribute this dataset. Any email requesting this dataset to the code author will not be replied.

Dev/Test Data Format

The reference number of IWSLT 2009 Ch-En is 7, for example: ``` 在 找 给 家里 人 的 礼物 .

i 'm searching for some gifts for my family . i want to find something for my family as presents . i 'm about to buy some presents for my family . i 'd like to buy my family something as a gift . i 'm looking for a gift for my family . i 'm looking for a present for my family . i need a gift for my family . 有 $number 块 钱 以下 的 茶 吗 ? |||| {1 ||| 1 ||| one thousand ||| $number ||| 一千}

do you have any tea under one thousand yen ? i 'd like to take a look at some tea cheaper than one thousand yen . is there any tea less than one thousand yen here ? i 'm looking for some tea under one thousand yen . do you have any tea lower than one thousand yen ? do you have any tea less than one thousand yen ? i would like to buy some tea cheaper than one thousand yen . ```


According to my test, this code can achieve 44.18 BLEU score (with beam search) on IWSLT dev set without post-processing after 53 iteration. Specifically,

1gram=72.65%  2gram=49.63%  3gram=37.62%  4gram=28.08%   BP = 1.0000 BLEU = 0.4418

Know Issues

  • Compatibility issue. The current version will ask to use Python 3 since it is annoying to handle Chinese encoding problems for Python 2.
  • In the attention part,
    should be pre-computed. However it seems that it won't work properly if I do so.
  • The BLEU evaluator, which is an exe file and not included, should be replaced by nltk evaluator in the future.
  • The model can be modified to make it achieve about 50 BLEU score on this data set.

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