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Helpful in-browser debugging/inspection tools for the Magento 2 Front-End

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Magento 2 DevTools


An extension for Google Chrome (and likely Mozilla Firefox) that exposes helpful debugging utilities for Magento 2 front-ends.

Early Release

This is a very new project with little to no documentation, published to solicit feedback from early adopters. The extension is currently only available through manual installation of the development build, and will be published to the Chrome Web Store at a future time.



Whenever you navigate to a page running Magento 2, a new tab should appear in DevTools from this extension.

In-Progress Features

  • RequireJS Optimizer configuration generator (including Magento module for quick install)
  • RequireJS module registry inspector

Possible Future Features

  • uiComponents Explorer/Inspector (think React/Angular DevTools)
  • m2 Front-End best-practices checks

Running Development Build (Google Chrome)


  • node.js
  • npm


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run
    npm install
  3. Run
    npm start
  4. Navigate to
  5. Enable
    Developer mode
  6. Click
    Load unpacked
  7. Select the
    folder in the root of this repository


  • To run a single build, use
    npm run build
    instead of
    npm start
  • If you have Chrome DevTools open when you make a change in
    , you'll need to close and re-open DevTools to see the changes
  • If you need to debug the DevTools page (React app in
    ), open the
    Magento 2
    tab in DevTools, then right click +
    Inspect Element
    . This will open a new instance of the DevTools pointed at the React application.

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