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Check Plugins for monitoring written in golang

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Check Plugins for monitoring written in golang.

Documentation for each plugin is located in its respective sub directory.


The specs for the check plugins are mostly the same as the plugins for Nagios and Sensu. The exit status of the commands are treated as follows.

| exit status | meaning | |:----------------------|---------:| | 0 | OK | | 1 | WARNING | | 2 | CRITICAL | | other than 0, 1, or 2 | UNKNOWN |


Install the plugin package from either the yum or the apt repository. To setup these package repositories, see the documentation regarding the installation of mackerel-agent (rpm / deb).

mackerel-check-plugins will be installed to



yum install mackerel-check-plugins


apt-get install mackerel-check-plugins

Use check plugins in Mackerel

See the following documentation.

English: https://mackerel.io/docs/entry/custom-checks

Japanese: https://mackerel.io/ja/docs/entry/custom-checks


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