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HexColors is an extension for UIColor and NSColor to support for creating colors from a hex strings

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HexColors is an extension for UIColor and NSColor to support for creating colors from a hex string like #FF0088 or 8844FF and back to a String. Completely rewritten in Swift 3!

If you want to use this in Objective-C jump to the 4.X version tag. If you want to use this in Swift < 3.2 use the 5.X version tag.


Swift 4.0 compatiblity


How to use HexColors in the different systems.

iOS / watchOS / tvOS

Generating UIColors

let colorWithHex = UIColor("#ff8942")
let colorWithoutHex = UIColor("ff8942")
let colorWithHexAndAlhpa = UIColor("#ff8942DF")
let colorWithoutHexAndAlhpa = UIColor("ff8942DF")
let shortColorWithHex = UIColor("#fff")
let shortColorWithoutHex = UIColor("fff")
let shortColorWithHexAndAlpha = UIColor("#FFFD")
let shortColorWithoutHexAndAlpha = UIColor("#FFFD")

Generating Hex Strings from UIColor

let colorWithHex = UIColor("#ff8942")
let stringFromColor = colorWithHex.hex


Generating NSColor

let colorWithHex = NSColor("#ff8942")
let colorWithoutHex = NSColor("ff8942")
let colorWithHexAndAlhpa = NSColor("#ff8942DF")
let colorWithoutHexAndAlhpa = NSColor("ff8942DF")
let shortColorWithHex = NSColor("#fff")
let shortColorWithoutHex = NSColor("fff")
let shortColorWithHexAndAlpha = NSColor("#FFFD")
let shortColorWithoutHexAndAlpha = NSColor("#FFFD")

Generating Hex Strings from NSColor

let colorWithHex = NSColor("#ff8942")
let stringFromColor = colorWithHex.hex



HexColors requires >= iOS 8.0 and >=macOS 10.9.


Add HexColors to your Podfile:

pod 'HexColors'
pod install HexColors


Add HexColors to your Cartfile:

github "mRs-/HexColors"

Swift Package Manager

To work with the Swift Package Manager you need to add a Package.swift file and defining your package.

import PackageDescription

let package = Package( name: "YourPackageName", dependencies: [ .Package(url: "", majorVersion: 5), ] )

Then execute the Swift Package Manager with the following Shell commands:

swift build


Simply just drag and drop the HexColors.swift in your project.


HexColors was created by Marius Landwehr because of the pain to create Colors from a API (mostly hex) converting to a UI/NSColor.


Marius Landwehr @mariusLAN


HexColors is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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