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[ Admin panel finder / Admin Login Page Finder ] ¢σ∂є∂ ву 👻 (❤-❤) 👻

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OKadminFinder: Easy way to find admin panel of site

OKadminFinder is an Apache2 Licensed utility, rewritten in *Python 3.x*, for admins/pentesters who want to find admin panel of a website. There are many other tools but not as effective and secure. Yeah, Okadminfinder has the the ability to use tor and hide your identity

  • Requirements


    • #### Linux
      sudo apt install tor
      sudo apt install python3-socks  (optional)
      pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt
    • #### Windows download tor expert bundle
      pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Usage

    • #### Preview asciicast
    • #### Linux
      git clone
      cd okadminfinder3
      chmod +x
    • #### Windows download & extract zip
      cd okadminfinder3
      py -3
    • #### Pentestbox (same procedure as Linux) you can add an alias by adding this line:
      okadminfinder=py -3 "%pentestbox_ROOT%/bin/Path/to/okadminfinder3/" $*
      file and so you'll be able to launch it using


  • [x] More than 500 potential admin panels
  • [x] Tor & Proxy
  • [x] Random-Proxy
  • [x] Random-Agents
  • [x] Console work with params, like: -u --proxy
  • [x] Self-Update
  • [ ] Classify admin panel links by popularity
  • [ ] Multithreading, for faster work
  • [ ] Adding more potential admin panel pages

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