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Objective-C GeoHash Library

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Copy all files under 'Classes/ARC' or 'Classes/NonARC' directory into your project.



import "GeoHash.h"

/* Get GetHash by latitude, longitude, and hash-length */

NSString *hash = [GeoHash hashForLatitude:35.6894875 longitude:139.6917064 length:13];

/* hash equals to @"xn774c06kdtve" */

/* Decode GeoHash and get an area which the hash indicates */

GHArea *area = [GeoHash areaForHash:@"c216ne"];

area.latitude.max area.latitude.min area.longitude.max area.longitude.min

/* Adjacent / NSString *adjacentHash = [GeoHash adjacentForHash:@"dqcjq" direction:GHDirectionNorth]; / @"dqcjw" */

GHNeighbors *neighbors = [GeoHash neighborsForHash:@"dqcw5"];

neighbors.north neighbors.south neighbors.east neighbors.west neighbors.northEast neighbors.northWest neighbors.southEast neighbors.southWest

/* check invalid hash */ if (![GeoHash verifyHash:@"[email protected]"]) { ... }

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