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Terra Mach is a mapping frontend system to build graphical interfaces for devices.

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Terra Mach

Terra Mach is a mapping frontend system to build graphical interfaces for devices.

This project focuses on experiences around statistical data (graphs, diagrams), mapping, and user input. When it comes to user experience, elements a user interacts with are flexible enough to build most of common experiences.

The project is in active development. Most of the APIs are stable, though some breaking changes are still possible.

This project is highly inspired by Flutter. Terra Mach is written in a systems programming language Rust. It leverages graphics library Skia to enable high performant 2D graphics.

How to Use

Terra Mach crate is located in terramach folder. To use it checkout Terra Mach to your workspace and link it locally by supplying a path.

shell script
git clone
cd MyProject

Add dependency in

path = "../terramach/terramach"


Terra Mach comes with some prebuilt examples of what can be built with it.


Dashboard Preview

A dashboard sample app inspired by Dark Version design. The dashboard integrates Mapbox to access maps. The integration module is located in third-party crate.

Try example by running in command line:

shell script
cd examples/dashboard
cargo run --release

This may take awhile for initial build, so don't hesitate to grab some :coffee:.

In order to access maps, you would need to supply Mapbox access token in Settings.toml. Register and get Mapbox access token by signing up here.

shell script
cd examples/dashboard
touch Settings.toml
and insert following content:
access-token = "ACCESS_TOKEN_GOES_HERE"
cache-path = "/tmp/mapbox.cache.db"

Build a Widget

TerraMach GUI is a composition of widgets and/or direct painting. For example, a Decoration widget paints background color but also manages its child widget.

A simple example of a counter app. On a tap, the counter is increased and UI is updated to reflect the change.

  1. Define a widget and its state (state is optional) ```rust #[derive(Default, Clone, PartialEq, PartialWidget)] struct Counter {}


struct CounterState { counter: usize, } ```

  1. Implement a counter widget ```rust impl Widget for Counter { // prepare state for the counter fn mount(&self, context: &mut WidgetContext, mount: &mut MountContext) { context.set_state(CounterState::default()); }

    // build a counter widget with tap gesture and white background fn build(&self, context: &mut WidgetContext, build: &mut BuildContext) { let state = context.state::().unwrap(); build.addchild( Gesture::new( 0, build.eventemitter(), TapGesture::default(), None, Decoration::new( Color::WHITE, None, Align::new( Alignment::center(), Text::newtext(format!("Counter {}", state.counter).asstr()), ), ), ), ); }

    // handle a single tap fn event(&self, context: &mut WidgetContext, event: &mut EventContext) { if let Event::Tap() = event.get() { let state = context.statemut::().unwrap(); state.counter += 1; event.markneedbuild(); } } } ```

  2. Start the app

    fn main() {
    App::new((1020, 640))

Supported Platforms

In order:

| Platform | Status | | -------- | ----------- | | Mac OS | Supported | | Android | Partial | | Linux | Planned | | Windows | Planned | | iOS | Planned | | Web | Considered |


This software is available publicly via GPLv3 license which can be found here. For any other request please contact me.

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